Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Make a Man Pursue You? Important Pointers You Need to Know to Make Him Pursue You

Getting a man to pursue is more desirable than having to chase a man that you like. For this firstly you need to make him notice you and attract him so that you have got his attention.
Be aware of your worth
Before you start on your agenda, take some time out and write down all the positives in you and tell yourself that you are worthy of being pursued by men. While at it, note down the traits that you want in a man besides his looks or wealth.

Show your interest
Let the guy know that you are interested in him; usually a warm smile and your friendly attitude should send the message across. If he likes you he will be more than willing to take the hint. When you are successful in attracting his attention you have made your mark as you have placed yourself firmly in his mind.

Don't chase him
If you want to be pursued, do not chase him at all. It is as simple as that, ignite the interest in him and let him do the chasing. If he calls you, take turn to call him back but don't be the one to pursue.

You have to be worth his effort
Remember there is a big difference between attracting his attention and getting him to pursue you, it has to be worth his time and effort to chase you. Show that you are not only attractive but are an emotionally balanced person too. You don't have to be a model but should be at your attractive best to keep him interested.

Be someone interesting
When you have a life of your own, are busy pursuing your interests and hobbies apart form your work or studies it makes you an interesting person. It also shows that you are independent and not someone who is clingy.

Be a mystery women
Be a mystery woman and he will chase you till he knows you well, you become an enigma that makes him more curious about you. Impress him with your varied interests, you may make him something special one evening or ask him for great outdoors the next week. When he sees that being with you means expecting something different each time you meet, you will be more desirable to him.

Make the chase interesting
Always stay few steps ahead of him so that he has to catch up with you, with you remaining out of his reach. The idea is to make him chase you and not be with you, but giving him the feeling that he can win you and your affections in the end

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